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today, I would like to share the Cisco Mobility Express AP and Prime Infrastructure TIP.

for several year, PI was upgraded in many parts.

especially, stability and user interface were very very improved.

and recently, Mobilty Express AP was released.

this AP is different from previous autonomous AP at user interface and operating system.

now small AP can do Wireless Controller role! even its ability is limited but good enough in small business.

anyway, because this AP target to small business, some features does not supported in GUI interface.

so, you should configure some advanced features in CLI interface.

+add    : Cisco Mobility Express has two role in one hardware. one is controller and the other is access point.

before getting start, you should connect this Access Point to Switch that could reachable to Gateway.

[Cisco Mobility Express Configuration Example]


Port speed/duplex manual setup
(Cisco Controller) >config

(Cisco Controller) config>port autoneg all disable

(Cisco Controller) config>ap ethernet duplex full speed 100 all


Hide specific SSID

(Cisco Controller) >config

(Cisco Controller) config>wlan disable 1

(Cisco Controller) config>wlan broadcast-ssid disable 1

(Cisco Controller) config>wlan enable 1



[Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration Example]


Configuration mode

prime/admin# configure terminal


NTP Server setup

prime/admin(config)# ntp server


NTP Server check

prime/admin# show ntp

NTP Server 1 :

synchronised to NTP server ( at stratum 4

   time correct to within 217 ms

   polling server every 1024 s


New DNS Server setup

prime/admin(config)# ip domain-name DOMAIN.COM


Old DNS Server remove

prime/admin(config)# no ip domain-name DOMAIN.COM


Change IP address

prime/admin# ncs stop verbose

prime/admin# configure terminal

prime/admin(config)# interface gigabitEthernet 0

prime/admin(config-GigabitEthernet)# ip address

prime/admin(config-GigabitEthernet)# no shutdown

prime/admin(config-GigabitEthernet)# exit

prime/admin(config)# ip default-gateway

prime/admin(config)# exit

prime/admin# ncs start verbose


Save Configuration

prime/admin# write memory


prime/admin# shell

Enter shell access password : at first time you should configure password

Starting bash shell ... 

ade # shutdown -h now

Reference documentation


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