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★ Windows Server 2008 R2's DHCP and NAT setting

1. IP address set like this. Input is connected internet, Output is connected private network.

2. 'Server manager - add roles'. add DHCP server.


3.  After setup DHCP server. select DHCP at 'Administrarot tools'

select 'IPv4 property - advanced - binding', select internal network interface.

4. 'Range' right click, select property.

after naming, input IP address range to assign DHCP pool.

5. Command 'ip helper-address' at Router interface.

after command, ip address is assigned to PC.

6. If you running dynamic routing protocol, check your routing status.

7. Now, set NAT. important point is that set inside or outside port type.

8. Interface that connected Internet is set like this.

9. After setting, you can see NAT translation counts.

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Windows Server 2008 R2's DHCP and NAT setting  (0) 2013.07.21
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